Friday, June 26, 2015

Big Brother 17: Daily Recaps

For years, I've offered a daily recap of what's happened inside the Big Brother house. And for those special occasions, when something explosive or unique happens, an update dedicated just to that event.
Unfortunately, my recaps and updates will be limited this year.
Most days, I'm unable to get out of bed due to fatigue and weakness. Some days, I'm too weak to even hold my iPad - just the thought of it is exhausting. I live in a small town in Tennessee and the local doctors have been unable to confirm a diagnosis. They think it's this; they think it's that. They try this; they try that. I love my life too much to continue waiting for them to figure it out, so I'm heading to the big city next week. I have an appointment with an incredible doctor whose credentials include serving a former President. I have hope he can figure this out and I can get back to living my life (and sharing my love of Big Brother with you). 
Judd and I have put our weekly web show on hold as well. He has known about my illness for months and has been a great "little brother", always checking on me with patience, love and understanding. (Now you know why we didn't do the web show for Canada). I have my fingers crossed we can do at least a few shows this season. He will be doing some live Periscope chats. Watch  him talk about the season and the houseguests on Periscope and Twitter (@JuddNation). 
In the meantime, you can follow my Twitter or Facebook account to see my updates in 140 characters or less. That's about all I've got in me to give right now.
Thanks so much for your understanding and years of friendship. I promise you, I WILL be back!
xo, Dani

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Big Brother17 Poll: First Impressions

Big Brother 17 Poll . First Impressions
First Impressions: Who is your favorite Female Houseguest?
Audrey 17%
Becky 11%
Da'Vonne 21%
Liz 6%
Meg 16%
Shelli 6%
Vanessa 20%
First Impressions: Who is your favorite Male Houseguest?
Austin 23%
Clay 14%
Jace 3%
James 6%
Jason 16%
John 10%
Steve 25%
Thanks for voting!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Big Brother 17 Spoiler: A Sneak Peek at the first HoH Competition

 Big Brother 17 Spoiler . Courtesy of The Talk
Julie Chen gave us a sneak peek of the first HoH competition of the Big Brother 17 season today.
Standing in for the houseguests were daytime television's James O'Halloran from the Price as Right; Lawrence Saint-Victor and Darin Brooks from The Bold and The Beautiful.
The competition had them standing on a non-moving plank. I suspect the actual competition will have a moving plank.
The Houseguests will need to catch thrown tomatoes while being sprayed with tomato sauce.
Below is a video of the practice competition.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Big Brother 17: A Weekly Twist

Big Brother 17 Twist 
Shoot Me.
Sometimes, I think Big Brother hates me. Sometimes, I think it couldn't get worse. Sometimes I am right. Sometimes I am wrong.

Welcome to the "BB Takeover" season, where a special guest will surprise and deliver a new twist each week.

I'm okay with the special guest part. Maybe even a wee bit excited about it. I still remember Sheryl Crow giving a backyard concert during Big Brother 3. But the twist part - it gets my panties in a twist.

As an old school, Arnold Shapiro viewer, I grumble, roll my eyes and curse this twist and every other twist.  It gives me pause, as I wonder how the twist will be used to manipulate the house happenings.

I don't need a twist to entertain me. I sure as hell don't need a ratings gimmick, guised as a social issue, to get my attention. What I need is a group of strangers, locked in a house, competing for half a million dollars. That's it. A simple, social experiment.

Below is the CBS Press Release regarding this Summer's twist.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big Brother 17 Houseguest: Meg Maley

Meg Maley
25 years old
New York, NY
Meg is bubbly. Like bubbling over, bubbly. I may want to put a stick in my eardrums bubbly. That's about all I remember from her interview. Interpret that how you wish.

Big Brother 17 Houseguest: Jason Roy

Jason Roy
25 years old
Swansea, MA
In the past, when houseguests used a black dialect, they were labeled a racist. Jason will need to check that before TMZ (and others) get label happy. Oh and speaking of labels - he is the gay houseguest, for those that must know.

Big Brother 17 Houseguest: Da'Vonne Rogers

Da'Vonne Rogers
27 years old
Inglewood, CA
Da'Vonne is a poker dealer although she's not going to tell anyone in the house, because to be a good poker dealer, you must be a good poker player. (Vanessa is a poker player)
She has watched Big Brother since Season One "I literally watched this (Big Brother) go from an experiment to an actual game".
I'm crossing my fingers she doesn't fuck this up.

Big Brother 17 Houseguest: Clay Honeycutt

Clay Honeycutt
23 years old
Dickinson, TX
Clay is proof that looks aren't everything. Not only was he a snore during his interview, but I predict he will be the houseguest that looks in the mirror the most this season. I may just need to keep a tally on that in fact.
He is a self-proclaimed superfan and has been watching Big Brother for four months. Yup.
He also lands on my dump list because there is "no doubt" he would rather be loved by America than win.
Buy the Live Feeds for $5.99 a month to watch Clay in the Big Brother house 24/7. Sign up (here)

Big Brother 17 Houseguest: Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Rousso
32 years old
Las Vegas, NV
Vanessa is a professional poker player, although she plans to tell the houseguests she is a DJ.
I don't think she's going to click with the others and will be an outsider. If she lasts long enough, that could be an advantage for her.

Big Brother 17: Week by Week

Big Brother UFoh No HoH Competition . Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother
Number of times HoH:
James: 1
Jason: 1
Number of times Nominated:
Becky: 1
Jackie: 1
John: 1
Steve: 1
Number of POV wins:
Steve: 1 

Number of times a Have-Not:
Da'Vonne: 1
Jace: 1
Liz: 1
Vanessa: 1
Big Brother 17: Week by Week
A quick reference to who was HoH, POV, Nominees, Have-Nots each week of the Big Brother 17 season.
Week One:
HoH One: James
HoH Two: Jason
Final HoH: James
Nominated by HoH One: Jackie . Steve
Nominated by HoH Two: Becky . John
Dethroned HoH: Jason
POV Players: James . Jackie . Steve . Becky . John . Jason
POV: Steve
Replacement Nominee:
Eviction Night Nominees:
Have-Nots: Da'Vonne . Jace . Liz . Vanessa
HoH Comp: UFOh No
Food Comp: None
BoB Comp:
POV Comp:
Week Two:
HoH One:
HoH Two:
Final HoH:
Nominated by HoH One:
Nominated by HoH Two:
Dethroned HoH:
Replacement Nominee:
Eviction Night Nominees:
HoH Comp: UFOh No
Food Comp:
BoB Comp:
POV Comp:

Big Brother 17: Quotes

Find Big Brother 17's best one liners, quotes and most popular phrases below.
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"I'll be pumping people's glutes" - Austin

Big Brother 17: Prizes and Punishments

I will update the prizes and punishments throughout the season, below.
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Big Brother 17: Notes of Interest


I'll be adding Notes of Interest for Big Brother 17 throughout the Summer.
If you would like to see my Notes of Interest for Big Brother 16, you may find it (here)
June, 2015
The Live Feeds were offered as part of a CBS package called CBS All Access that includes all episodes of Big Brother Seasons 1 - 16.
The Live Feeds will not be available to watch outside of the United States, for the first time.
The first interview of the Houseguests were shown exclusively to Live Feed subscribers.
Only fourteen Houseguests were revealed during the cast introduction and interviews.
Eight Houseguests entered the Big Brother House on night one of the two night premiere. One of them had to sit out of the HoH competition. Da'Vonne volunteered.
Season 17 will be 98 days, the longest to date.

Big Brother 17 Houseguest: John McGuire

John McGuire
27 years old
Scranton, PA