Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Big Brother Photos: Sneak Peek at the Zingbot POV

Image source: CBS Big Brother
Zingbot 3000 made his traditional visit to the Big Brother House in week 8.

The Zingervention POV Competition was hosted by Kathy Griffin.
To see who won the POV check the spoiler (here)
The episode will air on CBS Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 8pm ET

Big Brother Recap: A New Target

Donny - must you stand in front of the dartboard? You're already a target.

Big Brother Recap
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Day 55 Live Feeds
Day 61 in the House

Donny sealed his fate or gave himself new life today. See the update on he and Cody's talk this morning (here)
RIP Zach's Pink Hat

We saw Bitchtoria did indeed slice the pink hat. She wrapped it in aluminum foil this morning and stuffed it into her bathroom basket. Meanwhile Zach is still searching for the hat.

Bitchtoria and Christine continue nervousing over the potential of an evicted Juror returning to the game. While Frankie is hoping it's Zach that returns (?!?!)

As if there aren't enough targets in the house, Big Brother put a magnetic dartboard on the Have-Not room door. It must remain there for the rest of the season. They will have the darts for only 24 hours, after which time they need to be returned to the storage room. New darts will be provided each week, for another 24 hour period. And we now have a new target in the house.

Derrick and Frankie worry about Donny and what he may do if winning HoH. They shrug it off that he'd be stupid to fire a shot at them, even though they fired at him this week.

Derrick also mentioned to Frankie they can't keep dragging Bitchtoria along every week. If she gets too close to the end, someone will take her because she's easy to beat. This makes me think that is exactly what Derrick plans to do.

Caleb, Frankie and Derrick are still in awe (as are we) over Cody and Christine's relationship. Caleb mentions they seems like they're in love. The boys think it's bizarre, especially after Zingbot, how they continue petting and crawling all over each other.

Fans yelled into the Big Brother Backyard again tonight. Couldn't make out what was said other than "We Love..." These fans are some serious amateurs.

The next day or two should be fairly calm. So take the time to rest up for what should be an exciting Thursday night endurance and Juror returning event.

Buy the pink hat on Amazon for $4 (here)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big Brother Update: Donny the Gardener

Image source: Big Brother 16 Live Feeds

Big Brother Update
Donny the Gardener
Donny talks to Cody and plants some seeds

I've always said Donny is my favorite Houseguest. I've never said he's my favorite player. Because let's be honest, we haven't seen him play the Big Brother game.

I realize he's a competition beast, but we all know there is more to Big Brother than simply competition wins.

He is not one to take initiative. Rather he sits back and waits (or hopes) someone will come to him. While waiting, the game can pass you right by.

I noticed last week, he was planting a few seeds. I wondered if I was looking for something that wasn't really there. Or could it be, Donny was a player after all?

Donny and Zach have been one anothers support system this week. Christine tried to throw Battle of the Block to get Donny out and Zach has been backdoored by his own alliance.

This new blooming bromance has given Donny the last pile of dirt he's been looking for. 

He now knows Frankie and Derrick lied to him, when they told Donny he was randomly selected to be nominated by a Skittle. Zach confirmed the Skittles pull was to decide who would go up next to Donny and throw the BoB competition.

He also knows Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine and Zach are in an alliance with Caleb and Victoria as the tag along.

Donny knows he is on the outside and target number 1. He also knows he's not in a position to do anything about it and that doesn't seem to be in his character either. But he is in a position to try and get others to do something about it. He can use the observations and information he has to create paranoia within The Detonators alliance.

Let Donny's game begin...

Donny had a long talk with Cody this morning. He opened the conversation to Cody with "Are you going to be happy with 5th?"

Here are some of the points Donny made to Cody:

- Christine told Donny to put Cody up
- Frankie took Caleb off the block and not Cody
- Frankie and Christine are tight
- Caleb is Frankie's side number
- Bitchtoria is Derrick's side number
- They turned on Zach. They'd do it to him too
- Victoria will do whatever she is told
- Frankie has a Final 2 with Caleb, Christine and with Derrick
- Hayden and Nicole trusted Derrick too. Look where they are
- Derrick was aligned with everyone in the Jury and at home

Cody came to Derrick's defense. He believes Derrick to be the most trustworthy and doesn't believe Derrick is aligned with Frankie and Christine.

Donny seemed to pick up on the defense of Derrick, confirming Cody and Derrick are aligned. He mentioned Cody is Derrick's side number. Which made Cody realize and say "all of my side numbers are gone".

Donny made another  great point during the conversation when Cody said he doesn't believe Derrick is with Frankie and Christine. Donny said if he's not, he'll use me as a number to go against them. If he gets rid of me, well...

Donny suggested Cody try and get Derrick to target Frankie this week since he can't play in the HoH.

Cody has already told Derrick he needs to tell him about the conversation he had with Donny. When he does, I'll add the information to this post.

The seeds have been planted in Cody's pretty little flower box brain. And I bet we'll see them start to grow. Watch Cody begin seeing innocent conversations or statements in a different light.

At this point, Donny has nothing to lose. Sometimes the best game moves are made when players stop being cautious and instead just throw caution to the wind.

Here's to some windy days for Donny!

Flashback Donny and Cody 8/19 10:23am

Overhead view of the Big Brother House and Backyard

Overhead of the Big Brother House and Backyard in Studio City, CA
Ever wonder how the Houseguests can hear fans yelling to them? The Big Brother House and Backyard is separated from a neighborhood by a ravine. 
Although the house is contained within Stage 18 on the CBS Studio Lot, fans go to the ravine and yell to the Houseguests from there.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Big Brother Recap: Zach got stabbed in the Back

Image source: Big Brother 16 Live Feeds . Captured by Big Brother All Summer
Bitchtoria took Zach's Pink Hat

Big Brother Recap
Monday, August 18, 2014
Day 54 Live Feeds
Day 60 in House

Zach got stabbed in the back.

Frankie, the other half of Zankie, removed Caleb from the block and named Zach as the replacement nominee.

And if nominating Zach wasn't enough, Frankie had to rub his face in it. The Houseguests have a pattern of vilifying their targets each week. It appears Zach is no exception. Even Victoria has joined the mob with a few "Fuck Zach" here and there.

Zach asked Donny to vote to evict him. Everyone else in the house is and he doesn't want Donny singled out. Donny said okay but he's singled out anyway so it wouldn't much matter.

Zach explained to Donny they are mad because he refused to throw the BoB competition. He told Donny the Skittle pull was to decide who would go up next to Donny and throw the competition.  Donny asked if everyone was there for that. Zach confirmed everyone was.

Donny confirmed he found six bones during the Battle of the Block and gave one to Christine. She gave it to Caleb and Cody. It broke his heart.

They both feel defeated. Zach encouraged Donny not to give up. But Donny believes the only way to survive is if the others turn on one another. If Zach can think of a way, he'll let Donny know.

Creep Mode Cowboy

Derrick and Donny sat in the living room chatting while on their Neighborhood Watch "patrol". Yes, actual conversation. I will even say pleasant conversation. See Derrick, that wasn't so bad now was it?

It was such an unusual sight, to see those two together, Caleb just had to eavesdrop. What did he hear? Them talking about eyesight.

Donny and Derrick knew Caleb was on the balcony watching and listening. When he came downstairs Derrick told him he wasn't very stealth. Caleb denied creeping on them and said he was in the bathroom.

Donny called him "Creep Mode Cowboy".

Between his eavesdropping and asking about alliances, Derrick now believes Caleb is paranoid. Watch for Derrick to start tossing his name around in the coming days.

Christine and Cody were embraced in a hug. Donny told them "Zingbot is watching". He's on a roll today.

Frankie informed Derrick that Big Brother said taking Christine's Tiger didn't count for the Team America Mission. However, he previously took her competition clothes and hid them as well. They believe that covers them, but Big Brother was checking to make sure they had footage of it.

Some fans yelled over the wall into the Big Brother backyard. They said "We hate you Beast Mode Cowboy. Zach we love you. Frankie you're disgusting" Caleb confirms that's what he heard. But Zach believes they said "You're the man Beast Mode Cowboy. Zach we love you. Frankie you're the best". Does Zach believe that's what was said? Or is he just being kind?
Flashback 8/18 10:19pm

Victoria takes the pink hat she gave to Zach

As if Zach isn't already having a bad day, Bitchtoria decided to take back her pink hat. She was plotting and planning the hatnapping with Cody and Christine who were encouraging her to do it. When Zach walked away for a moment, she took it and ran, yelling for Christine to bring her a knife.

I don't know if she did in fact slice the hat up. The feeds were blocked. But Zach knows she took it and did so just to piss him off.

Bitchtoria looking smug after taking the hat

Her hope is this will make Zach mad enough to "touch her" and then he'll have to leave tonight. Or even better, she hoped he'd be hauled off in handcuffs.
Flashback 8/18 11:54pm

The Houseguests are now starting to get nervous about the thought of a Juror returning. They refer to it as a "buyback". They are idiots.

But there will be at least one Juror returning to the game on Thursday night. I anticipate they will have to compete to return, like they did last year when Judd won the competition to re-enter the game.

Who do you hope returns Thursday? Vote in the Poll.

I am really, REALLY hoping they bring two jurors back. And in looking at the eviction count, it could happen if they have another Double Eviction. They had two Double Evictions last season and the Finale was a week earlier than this one.

Fingers crossed!

You can find the pink hat Zach wore on Big Brother ( here )

And a link to the Gator shirt is  ( here )

Big Brother Poll: Who do you want Frankie to name as the Replacement Nominee?

Big Brother Poll
Who do you want Frankie to name as the Replacement Nominee?
Week 8
Derrick 63%
Victoria 10%
Zach 12%
No One 14%
Thanks for voting!
Cody and Caleb were nominated by Frankie Skittles.
Frankie won the POV and removed Caleb from the block and named Zach as the replacement nominee.

Big Brother Recap: Screeching Searching Frenzy

Image source: Big Brother 16 Live Feeds . Captured by Big Brother All Summer
Someone took Zach's Gator Shirt

Big Brother Recap
Sunday, August 17, 2014
Day 53 Live Feeds
Day 59 in the House

The Houseguests discover someone has taken their things. And Zach discovers he's going home.

But First...

Cody wants Frankie to be the next to go. But we all know Cody is all talk and no action.

Derrick told Cody that Donny has to go up. Yeah, Derrick's DR tonight that said he doesn't want Donny to go... It was bullshit. He knows Donny is well liked after being applauded for his BoB win and he's simply playing to the viewers. As much as he plays up to the Live Feeders, he should remember we see and hear everything. This Live Feeder is stepping around his bullshit rather than stepping through it.

Team America collected a personal item from each Houseguest today including Frankie's glitter and Christine's stuffed tiger. When explaining the task, Derrick said they had to collect a personal item. The Mission option indicated clothing. Either Big Brother expanded the options or Derrick was incorrect in his retell to Frankie and Donny.

Cody was the first to discover his hat missing. And one by one, the Houseguests found they had items missing too. The house became a screeching, searching frenzy.

First Victoria was blamed. Then Zach was blamed. And blamed. And blamed. It was decided Zach was a saboteur. This would explain his ceremony speeches; nominating Christine; wanting to pull Skittles to decide nominations; flip flopping on who he wants out each week and even standing on the furniture without getting called on it by Big Brother. And with that, Frankie had his excuse for naming Zach as the replacement nominee.

While the frenzy was still in full force, Zach decided to snatch the cue ball for kicks and grins. Unfortunately, Caleb saw him do it.

The Houseguests found their items hidden in the recycle bin. Team America is still encouraging the neighborhood watch and the continuous 24 hour patrol. It's questionable whether the patrol has been continuous. We'll see what Big Brother says on Wednesday night.

While Caleb was accusing Zach of being the saboteur, Zach said you're innocent until proven guilty. Caleb slipped up and said "On Thursday, you'll be proven guilty". Zach asked Caleb if he was going this week. Caleb said he thinks he is.

Frankie confirmed to Zach he's going. He said the thought never crossed his mind until Zach gave him the idea the other night. Zach told him, to say he gave Frankie the idea, is bullshit.

Zach is telling the boys he's fine and okay. He was already a winner when he got his key. However, he did tease/warn that he may do some shit this week and make everyone miserable.

I predict we'll see Hurricane Zach make landfall before Thursday.

Big Brother Fans call for a Nomination Rule Violation. Read about it here

Big Brother Update: Nomination Rule Violation?

#RenomRule Trending No. 1

Big Brother Update
Did Frankie violate the Nomination Rule?
Sunday, August 17, 2014

Big Brother Fans quickly had the hashtag #RenomRule trending on Twitter tonight.

It is against the Big Brother Rules to tell a Houseguest they will be nominated. You can say you might be or if you are, but you can not tell them definitively.

As much as I'd love to see Zach stay, Frankie did not specifically say "Zach you're going on the block".

It was obvious based on their conversation Zach is going up and going out. But the specific words "you're going on the block" didn't come out of Frankie's mouth. Based on past history, it doesn't appear he violated the nomination rule. The conversation was really no different than many HoHs have had this season and every season prior. 

The only part of the discussion that could possibly be interpreted as a violation is when Derrick came into the HoH and the following conversation took place:

Frankie to Derrick "We had the conversation"
Derrick: "About the..."
Frankie: "THE conversation"
Derrick: "What?
Frankie "That he's going up on the block and going home".

It's still debatable since he didn't say it directly to Zach. 

It's a rule that comes into selective question every season. The only way to avoid it, is to establish a strict no nomination talk rule. But to restrict the HoH from talking about nominations, would restrict the footage necessary for the show and we as live feeders would miss out on some great conversations; deal makings and down right begging we've seen in the past from potential nominees.

I love the Big Brother fans for their passion and ability to unite together. But unfortunately, as much as we want something to be there, it's not always there.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Flashback 8/17 10:14pm