Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Big Brother Photos: Amber spies on Cody under the bathroom door


Amber, clowning around, was spying on Cody under the bathroom door to see if he really sits down to pee.
Brittany says "she saw your mister" and Amber said no it was too small to see.

So Cody opened the door and it hit Amber. She started rolling around laughing

And now we see that Cody uses a seat protector when he sits.

Big Brother Update: Caleb kisses Amber

Big Brother Update
Monday, July 21, 2014
Caleb kisses Amber

Normally, I wouldn't give an update for something as simple as a kiss on the cheek. But sadly, I see a lot of people blowing this out of proportion and trying to make it something, it is not. So I decided to give the facts on Caleb kissing Amber.

Caleb and Amber were laying in the rock room next to each other talking about their home life and missing their families.

Amber misses her Mom's laugh and riding in the car with her Dad talking about life.

Caleb misses his Mom's smile and how she smiles all day.

Caleb told Amber he is glad they (Big Brother) put her in there because talking to her takes him home. She thanked him.

At 3:44:53 she said "Good Night Caleb" and he says good night to her.

At 3:45:21 (less than 30 seconds later) he kissed her on the cheek.

Now you can see Caleb didn't kiss Amber while she was sleeping. It was a good night kiss on the cheek. Nothing more.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Big Brother Recap: Dumb as a Stump

 Big Brother Live Feed Recap
Monday July 21, 2014
Day 26
Today started out with great excitement but ended without the climax.
As the feeds went to highlights and the POV ceremony began, Cody was nominating Caleb in place of Victoria. Imagine the surprise when the feeds returned and Donny was nominated. Read the details in Spoilers here
Is Victoria ever not holding either a spoon or makeup brush in her hand?

Derrick got busted by none other than Victoria.

Victoria told Derrick she heard he knew Donny was going on the block. Derrick denied it.

After a lot of encouragement and reassurances of trust from Derrick, she finally spilled that Nicole and Christine were the two that told her. 

Derrick immediately ran to Cody and signaled they needed to talk.

"You and me have to start being more tight lipped".

He tells Cody, Nicole and Christine shared with Victoria they all knew Donny was going on the block. "It's definitely true because she's dumb as a stump  and wouldn't have known otherwise' Derrick tells Cody.

I slowly start seeing Derrick's game slipping away from him. Too many alliances and too much mouth running. It's bound to catch up with him. And I think Donny may just be the man to catch him.

Big Brother Spoilers: Who is the replacement nominee?

Donny  and Brittany face eviction

Big Brother Spoiler
Who is the replacement nominee?
Week 4

It's been a roller coaster ride on who Cody would name as the replacement nominee.

First, Caleb volunteered. However, Cody wasn't in the room when he did and Derrick talked Caleb out of it.

Zach made a passionate and adamant plea to The Detonators plus Nicole to nominate Caleb. Things got heated and he was shot down.

Then Zach begged to be nominated because he was bored. That was not only a "no" but a "no way in fucking hell"

An hour prior to the POV ceremony, Donny talk to Cody. He told Cody not to base his decisions on what other people want and reminded him to play his own game.  Cody told Donny it doesn't matter what anyone else says, he is not putting Donny on the block.

Cody made his decision and told Frankie, Nicole, Hayden and Derrick he was nominating Caleb. Derrick told Cody they will regret the decision and Caleb will probably go home. But Derrick saw there was no talking him out of it, so he told Cody to do what was needed and he would support him.

When the feeds returned after the POV Ceremony, we shockingly saw Donny sitting in the nomination chair. What?

Cody says he couldn't go through with nominating Caleb and referred to himself as a pussy. He was afraid Caleb would have blown up.

Hayden and Derrick both sat with Donny individually and told him he was fine. Brittany was going home and Donny wasn't going anywhere. 

Hayden advised Donny to make sure he doesn't disclose who his targets are, as it could affect the votes this week. He told Hayden he didn't mention any names and won't.

Donny told Derrick he is just going to do his walking and keep to himself this week so he doesn't get in trouble. He reminded Derrick that people could make things up and don't believe any of it. Derrick told him there is no way he'll vote against Donny. After all they are Team America.

I do believe Donny is safe this week. At least I chose to believe it.

Big Brother Update: Hayden and Nicole Kiss

Big Brother Update
Hayden and Nicole Kiss
Hayden finally gets his kiss from Nicole. Which turned into several kisses under the covers.
Nicole told him "now your chase is over" and wondered if they were the first kiss (of the season).
What I found most comical about this mini make-out session was both of them checking their activity tracker bracelets afterwards.
After about 10 minutes of smooching, Hayden got up and gave us a thumbs up and a big smile.

Big Brother Update: Zach has a cuckoo crazy idea


Big Brother Update
July 20, 2014
Frankie, Christine, Hayden and Zach were hanging in the hammock.
Zach tells them he wants to "cause a scene". They said he already did with his attempts at trying to get Caleb nominated tonight. He asked "You think that's a fucking scene? I'll cause a fucking scene!".
Frankie jokingly suggests to Zach, he should have Cody put him up and then freak out at the POV Ceremony (like when Devin nominated him). Christine laughs that it would be awesome.
Zach gets his signature mischievous look and this hamster starts spinning his wheel...
He goes up to the HoH where Cody and Derrick are.
"Got a crazy idea! Got a crazy idea! Crazy idea. Cuckoo crazy idea!"
He asks Cody how crazy would it be for Cody to throw him on the block. He would act like he's after Cody and they are no longer friends. He would tell Donny, he is the only person he can trust and make a Final 2 with Donny. This would allow Zach to have a side deal with Donny.
Cody loved his enthusiasm, but thinks it's excessive just to get a Final 2 deal with Donny.
Zach replied with
"You don't want to have to put up Donny and I'm fucking bored"
Derrick's reaction to this...
Brittany came up to the HoH to soak in the tub, breaking up the conversation. But Zach's parting words to Cody were "think about it"
When he left, Derrick and Cody said "no way in fucking hell" and got a good chuckle from it. Then Derrick asked "what we gonna do with him? He's gettin' bored". Then wondered if Zach could be a saboteur and gets money for these stunts of his. How else do you explain why he doesn't care about his game and wants to go on the block?
I'll explain it Derrick... Zach is a crazy, don't hold back goofball and we "feedsters" love the entertainment!
So today we've seen Caleb volunteer to go on the block. Zach beg to go on the block. Put Derrick and Cody are still going to put Donny on the block.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big Brother Recap: Stomp the brakes


Big Brother Recap
Sunday July 20, 2014
Day 25

After only 21 hours, Brittany completed her task of kicking 2,400 goals into the soccer net. 

Meanwhile, Nicole made sure to point out her Germ-a-Tard punishment was just as bad as Brittany's punishment. I can't make this stuff up.

Week 4, the Houseguests got their second delivery of Beer and Wine. They think it's because Nicole gets to drink beer from her stein all week, so they got some too.

Donny made a great argument for why Cody should name Caleb as the replacement nominee. "He's the reason you are in this position".  Caleb made the "selfish" decision to take $5,000, giving Victoria the POV. And Caleb will always protect Amber. If Cody and Amber were on the block together, Caleb would protect Amber. This got Cody's wheels spinning.

Later, Caleb told Cody he should just put someone in the alliance up. The numbers are there, so it doesn't matter who it is. (Exit Cody for an ass kicking)

Caleb continued to Amber and Derrick that he would go up as the replacement nominee. Screech! Derrick stomped the brakes on that idea. He told Caleb seeds could be planted for winning $5,000 and it's too risky a move. Derrick steers the car back to Donny as the replacement nominee.

As it stands now, Donny will be the replacement nominee tomorrow. Cody is not going to give Donny a heads up and will talk to him after the ceremony.

I'm thinking these boys better hope Donny doesn't win HoH this week. After this move, he may very well be D U Triple N with them.