Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A photo of Caleb typing his HoH Blog

Caleb typing his Big Brother HoH Blog

We got a quick flash of Caleb, in the HoH room, typing his blog.
This is a first for Live Feeders- we've never before seen the HoH typing his/her blog. Thanks button boy!

Big Brother is Moving from Thursday Night

Big Brother is moving from Thursday nights. 
Thursday, September 4th will be the last Thursday night episode. The Live Evictions will then move to Wednesday nights at 8pm ET.
Below is the new schedule  for the remainder of the Big Brother 16 season. I don't know how or if this will affect the in-house competition schedule.
Thursday 9pm ET
Double Eviction
Last Thursday Eviction Night
Sunday 8pm ET
Normal air night
Tuesday 8pm ET
New Night
Wednesday 8pm ET
New Eviction Night . New Time
The Finale is still scheduled for Wednesday, September 24th after the premiere of Survivor.
Your DVR should follow the new schedule, but you may want to double check your settings.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Brother Recap: C- For Effort

Big Brother Recap
Friday, August 29, 2014
Day 65 Live Feeds
Day 71 in the House

Caleb won HoH, barely. Immediately after he removed his chunk of coal, Christine decided to reach into her bowl and guess what? She could reach her coal too. According to Cody, if she had tried a few seconds earlier, she would have won.

The boys decided Caleb's nominations before Caleb even had a shower. The nominations would be Christine and Nicole.

Nicole tried to make a deal with Caleb and offered to never nominate him, if he didn't put her on the block this week. It fell on deaf ears.

The plan was to tell Christine she was going up as a pawn, to save Victoria for a backdoor option. But they didn't tell her. Instead Caleb told all of them, someone from the group would have to go up.

Caleb did indeed nominate Christine and Nicole. And Christine was none too happy about it. (Nicole obviously wasn't either).

After the nomination ceremony, Christine was venting to herself. She hates the Detonators+1 and is done playing the game for them. She vows to start playing for herself, even if that means she doesn't put Victoria up next week.

While Christine was venting to herself, Nicole was venting to Victoria. She told Victoria that Big Brother is about making deals but this season is "what do we all want this week". She thinks Caleb is wasting his HoH because she's alone.

Victoria told Nicole she doesn't tell Derrick as much as she used to.

I noticed this from Victoria Wednesday night, after whispering with Christine in the Living Room. When Derrick asked Victoria what was said, she didn't give him a straight answer. This should have been a red flag to Derrick. And when Frankie tried over and over on Thursday to point out the girls could band together, it should have clicked with him then too. But, it didn't. How fabulous would it be if Victoria ends up being Derrick's fall from grace?

Derrick volunteered to be a Have-Not, as an apology for taking the $5,000 and 5,000 hollas during the HoH competition. Caleb also made Nicole a Have-Not, after previously telling Frankie he wouldn't. When he asked for volunteers, Christine pointed to Frankie. And Frankie knows. Whoops. Last week she pointed to Donny and Nicole. This week to Frankie. She likes pointing that finger. Well I have a finger for you Christine.

Derrick was once again, appealing (more like pleading) to the Live Feeders that he tried to save Donny. No you didn't Derrick.  All of the boys were on board to keep Donny Thursday, except for you. Even Cody came around to see it was better to evict Nicole. But Derrick would not. Derrick sealed Donny's fate. So stop with the bullshit already.

And finally, in an attempt to provide we Live Feeders with entertainment, Big Brother gave the houseguests some Play Doh and some beer and wine. Nope, didn't help. And I can't even give you an A for effort. More like a C-.

I believe Christine will end up being the target this week. Derrick wants to get rid of Cody's parachute. But we'll have to wait and see what happens in tomorrow's PoV.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Brother Spoiler: Who won HoH?

Images from Big Brother 16 Live Feeds . Captured by Big Brother All Summer
Big Brother Spoiler
Who won HoH
Week 10
Caleb won HoH with Christine coming in 2nd and Frankie in 3rd.
Check back later today to see who Caleb nominates for eviction.
I'm betting Nicole and Victoria. If one of them come off the block with the PoV, he'll name Christine as the replacement.

Derrick decided to go for the $5,000 dollas and 5,000 hollas. He did it for his daughter Tenley. And he offered himself up to whomever wins HoH to be a Have-Not for the week.
Below are some photos from the HoH Competition:
Frankie, Nicole and Caleb were in the lead early on

Christine started catching up and passed Nicole

Caleb was in the lead over Victoria, Derrick and Christine


Big Brother Poll: Marry . F*ck . Kill

Big Brother Poll
Who would you Marry?
3%  Amber
3%  Brittany
1%  Caleb
0%  Christine
4%  Cody
6%  Derrick
0%  Devin
15% Donny
1%  Frankie
8%  Hayden
0%  JoCasta
0%  Joey
8%  Nicole
0%  Paola
0%  Victoria
44% Zach

Who would you F*ck?
4%  Amber
5%  Brittany
6%  Caleb
0%  Christine
17%  Cody
2%  Derrick
0%  Devin
1% Donny
2%  Frankie
4%  Hayden
0%  JoCasta
0%  Joey
3%  Nicole
0%  Paola
1%  Victoria
47% Zach

Who would you Kill?
1%  Amber
0%  Brittany
2%  Caleb
23%  Christine
4%  Cody
8%  Derrick
2%  Devin
0% Donny
45%  Frankie
0%  Hayden
1%  JoCasta
0%  Joey
0%  Nicole
0%  Paola
4%  Victoria
1% Zach
Thanks for voting!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Caleb - The Panty Liner Cowboy

Caleb, the Panty Liner Cowboy

Big Brother Recap: Now that would entertain me

You gave it a good effort Frankie
Big Brother Recap
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Day 63 Live Feeds
Day 69 in the House
I realized tonight, Derrick has played this whole game in cover ass mode, not control mode. The alliance; the group; the majority has controlled the game. Derrick has not. He doesn't even control his own game. He allows "the group" to make his decisions.

In addition to covering his ass, Derrick is also good at throwing people under the bus. I can't blame him for doing so. It's about self preservation. But it doesn't mean I have to like it; admire it or sure as hell not respect it.

And finally, Derrick is good at communicating. He gets to Houseguests before anyone else and tells them what he wants them to hear. But again, that's not a manipulator. That's an ass coverer and in many cases an ass kisser.

The illegally large alliance that formed in week one has controlled the house.  It's either stupidity or luck. Or maybe a bit of both.  But it's certainly not something I would call game play. They haven't played the game, they've run the game. It makes me miss the days where Houseguests were strong, strategic and individual thinkers that thought (and voted) for themselves. They had an ally to benefit their game, rather than control it. I won't lose hope though. I chose to believe we will have Houseguests like that again, one day. Have I ever mentioned I'm a hopeful optimist?

Stepping off the soap and onto the recap box....

Frankie, as he's been doing all week, was trying to save Donny again tonight. Derrick was on board. And once again, when Frankie opens the door for Derrick to agree and make the points for Donny to stay, he back pedals and leaves Frankie hanging, in front of Caleb and Cody.

Derrick told Donny that it was Frankie holding out on keeping Donny.  Hope Donny was wearing those tall drink of water socks, cause that bullshit is deep.

At the end of the day (did you roll your eyes or ugh out loud?) Cody was adamantly opposed to Donny staying, which swayed Caleb back to keeping Nicole, and Frankie the lone voice on behalf of Donny.

I don't believe Derrick truly wanted to keep Donny. I believe he was just providing some footage to appeal to fans at home and make himself look like the good guy. Nice try. But we "feedsters", as you affectionately call us, see everything.

My only hope for this week is Nicole wins HoH and sticks with her re-entry plan to nominate Cody and Derrick. Watching Derrick and Cody kick themselves in the ass - now that would entertain me!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Big Brother Fish Tank Camera

A rare view of the camera that provides us a look inside the fish tank

Big Brother Recap: Make a Miracle Happen

"We're trying to make a miracle happen here" - Derrick

Big Brother Recap
Monday, August 25, 2014
Day 61 Live Feeds
Day 67 in the House

Cody did not use the POV today. But fear not, another plan is developing.

Derrick and Frankie are mulling over the idea of evicting Nicole and keeping Donny this week. Can I get a hell yeah?

The fear of an upcoming endurance comp, likely to favor a girl (Nicole), is a motivating factor.

Frankie tells Derrick, he thinks keeping Donny would be the right move. He believes it is their responsibility, as Team America, to at least try. He feels there is already enough doubt in peoples minds on who to evict this week, that making the suggestion wouldn't be difficult.

Frankie also believes, 100%, if he and Derrick do this and Donny were to win HoH, they would be safe.

Derrick confirms the seeds have been planted with Caleb and Christine. And confirms Bitchtoria will go with the house. Frankie thinks they could convince Caleb to evict Nicole.

Frankie makes the point, all the same reasons for Nicole to go the first time, are still there.

Derrick plans to mention it to Cody. They believe they need Cody on board with keeping Donny. But before he had the chance, Frankie already dropped the hint.

Cody tells Derrick that Frankie was hinting at keeping Donny and he "shut that shit down". Derrick acted surprised that Frankie would want to keep Donny and wondered what the rationale would be. Cody says he's sure, it's because Nicole would put Frankie up. Derrick tells Cody (again) that Nicole makes him nervous.

It's a long way until Thursday. But I'll keep you posted.

Big Brother Poll: How often will you be watching the Live Feeds now?

Big Brother Poll
How often will you be watching the Live Feeds now?
Week 9
13%  The Same
  3%   More
40%  Less
42%  I'm done
Thanks for voting.
Now that Cody won HoH and the Detonators retain control of the house, the game is on cruise control.
Either Nicole or Donny will be evicted this week. Donny was the intended target, but Frankie and Derrick are thinking about flipping the vote. Read about it in the Recaps