Big Brother 16 Houseguests Celebrate

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Big Brother 16 Houseguests are on the loose and they are ready to celebrate.

More photos to come as the After Parties begin tonight and throughout the weekend.

Zach and Caleb wake up in the real world

Paola and Donny reunited

Big Brother 16: Notes of Interest

Premiere Night 1

Premiere Night 2

June 2014

- Big Brother 16 was first time there was a 2 night premiere on Wednesday, June 25th and Thursday, June 26th.

- There is a permanent port-a-potty in the backyard for the first time in Big Brother.

Big Brother 16 Prizes and Punishments

Big Brother 16 Punishments

Week 12:- Jurors return and trash the house while competing in a Luxury Competition

Week 10:
- Derrick gets 5,000 hollas for the remainder of the season

- Cody wears a Dinosaur costume

Big Brother Poll: Who will you be voting as America's Favorite Houseguest?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Big Brother Poll
Who will you be voting as America's Favorite Houseguest?

My Favorite Photos from Big Brother 16

Below are my favorite photos I captured from the Live Feeds during Big Brother 16
Amber was peeking under the door at Cody sitting down to pee

Big Brother 16 Wrap Up: Most Heard Words and Quotes


Most Heard Words during Big Brother 16

Big Brother 16 Wrap Up: Team America Missions

Big Brother 16 Twist
Team America
Team America Members were chosen by America. The first Member of the team was Joey. However, she was evicted Week 1.
She was replaced with Donny and then Derrick and Frankie were added to the Team.
Each week they were given Missions by America to complete. If they were successful, each would receive $5,000.
Team America ended in Week 12. Below is a summary of their missions:

Big Brother Spoiler: Who won Part 2 Final HoH

Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Brother Spoiler
Final Week
Who won Part 2 HoH?
Derrick and Victoria competed in Part 2 of the Final HoH.
Derrick won. Or according to him,"smoked it".
Victoria took 30 minutes to complete the competition, but was correct on her first try.
The competition required them to put the eviction night nominees in order, while scaling a wall. If they dropped one of the Houseguest plaques, they would incur a 60 second time penalty.
They did not compete side by side, but instead one at a time. Therefore, neither knew how the other did until the time reveal.
Congratulations to Cody and Derrick who will now compete in the Final HoH. The winner of the final round will decide who will join them to face the Jury as the Final 2.
Derrick and Cody both say they are taking each other. I had my doubts, but it does appear sincere.
And it's now official - Victoria has never won an individual competition. And yes, I know she got the Veto, but she did not win the competition - Caleb did.
I was reviewing my preseason notes the other day and under Derrick's I wrote"he is non-threatening and will stay under the radar. I really like him and hope he aligns with Cody". Funny how things can change in the course of 13 weeks. And as they say... careful what you wish for.

Big Brother Spoiler: Final HoH Part 1

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Big Brother Spoiler
Final HoH . Part 1

In week 13, we finally get an endurance competition to watch on the Live Feeds.

The Houseguests were standing on a small platform while holding a bar directly in front of them, attached to a hang glider. The wall would tilt forward and then back, making their reach farther. And what would an endurance competition be without a little water? Let it Rain. Let it Rain. Let it Rain.

We don't know the exact time the competition began, but I would estimate Victoria lasted 30 minutes.

As soon as she dropped, Derrick told Cody he would hang for "a couple and then jump off". And 15 minutes later, Derrick stepped off, making Cody the winner for Part 1.

And with that, the Endurance Competition was about as exciting, as this season has been.

Victoria falls off after approximately 30 minutes
Derrick steps off

Cody wins Part 1 of the Final HoH

Big Brother Poll: Who do you hope are the Final 3?

Big Brother Poll
Who do you hope are the Final 3?
57%  Caleb
80%  Cody
80%  Derrick
63%  Victoria
Thanks for voting.
Cody cast the sole vote and evicted Caleb, leaving Cody, Derrick and Victoria as the Final 3. 

Big Brother Spoilers: Final 4 Nominations and POV Winner

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Final 4 Smaller Table
Big Brother Spoiler
Final 4 Nominations and POV Winner
Week 13
The Live Feeds were blacked out for the Final 5 eviction; HoH; Nominations and POV. However, there was a 5 minute feed leak and we saw Derrick won the HoH.
When the feeds returned after the West Coast airing tonight, we saw Cody had his key in the Memory Wall which meant Derrick nominated Victoria and Caleb.
We also learned Cody won the POV and he will have the sole vote on who to evict tomorrow night during the Live Eviction episode. This will take them to the Final 3 and the beginning of the 3 part Final HoH competition will begin.
Cody confirms he plans to evict Caleb and he and Derrick will drag take Victoria to the Final 3.
The 3 Part Final HoH Competitions
Part 1:
All 3 Houseguests will compete. The Winner will advance to Part 3.
The competition is traditionally endurance and shown on the Live Feeds.
Part 2:
The 2 that lost Part 1 go head to head in traditionally a physically competition.
The Winner will advance to Part 3.
Part 3:
The Winners of Part 1 and Part 2 face off in a live Q and A competition.
The competition is generally about the Jury Members.
Example: Did Donny say he'd rather (A) Be Loved by America and Lose or (B) Be Hated by America and Win.
The Winner of Part 3 then decides who is evicted, leaving the Final 2 Houseguests.

Big Brother Spoiler: The Final 4 and HoH Winner

Big Brother Spoiler
The Final 4 and HoH Winner
Although the feeds are blacked out, a feed leak came through today at 11:54am.
Frankie is in fact gone and the Final 4 are Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Victoria.
Derrick is the new HoH. It's unknown who he nominated. Victoria seemed very nervous about the POV, so I am taking a guess that she is one of the nominees.
They were dressed and ready to play in the POV, but had not yet played.
The winner of the POV will decide who is evicted, as they will be the only one not on the block. 
If Derrick wins POV then the only Houseguest not on the block, will cast the sole vote to evict.