Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Brother Update: "Who is going to save you now Amber?" A preview of Zach's speech to Amber for the Veto Meeting.

Zach practicing the Veto Meeting speech to Amber

Big Brother Update
Sunday, July 27, 2014
Who is going to save you now Amber?
A preview of Zach's speech to Amber at the Veto Meeting

The Big Brother Veto Meeting is tomorrow and Frankie will be naming Amber as the replacement nominee.

Zach wants to put Amber on blast at the meeting.

He spent some time practicing his speech to an audience of Derrick and Cody;  a short time with Frankie; Caleb who added points to be made and later rehearsed it for Hayden who didn't look impressed. 

Derrick and Frankie (and Donny) have a vested interest in this speech. If he can make it 20 seconds, they will win the Team America task. Accordingly, Derrick encourages Zach to speak slowly and to start before Frankie says the meeting is adjourned.

Here's what Zach has prepared so far:

"Everyone stay seated. There is something that has been bothering me over the last several weeks and grinding my gears and agitating the entire house. There is one person in particular, who's been giving his all to another individual who's been spitting it back in his face.
Beast Mode Cowboy has gone to the moon and back 5,000 times for you Amber.
He's risked $500,000, more than any of your previous boyfriends, by putting himself on the block for you.
He froze his balls off, giving you warmth, by giving you his only covers in the Have-Not room when you were cold. Who did you thank? No one.
Amber, it just breaks my heart, that you as a person, show no thanks to the one person in this house that you can trust the most.
He chose $5,000 over the Power of Veto, his safety, just to take you on a lovely cruise to  Atlantis. How do you repay him?
He ate the one piece of food that makes him throw up just so he can take you on a date. And when he asked you on that date, you only went on it with him because you didn't want to hurt his feelings. Well how do you think he feels now?

I'll tell you how he feels. He doesn't give a flying fuck. He's the reason why you are sitting in that orange chair today. And he's also the reason why you could possibly be walking out that door three days from now.

So Amber who the fuck is going to save you now?"

Derrick tells him he should ask if she has anything to say for herself or to Caleb.  He says she probably won't say anything so Zach may then say "exactly same thing you've been saying all week"

Caleb wants him to add "He's already saved you twice already. Let's see if he'll save you again" and "Amber I don't think you realize your life in this game is on the end of his fingertipsIf he wants you gone..."

Caleb and Zach figure she will be crying. While Derrick says she may respond and it's only fair Zach ask her and give her that chance.

Not only will the nomination be a blindside to Amber, but this "speech" of Zach's will be as well.

Caleb doesn't want anyone to know he is aware this is happening. He does however, want Hayden to tell JoCasta, she can thank Caleb for him using the POV.

Cody and Zach later got a good laugh at Caleb and the stupid things he wanted Zach to say, including, Amber needed to talk to Caleb so he could save her for a third time. They laugh that Caleb thinks this is his idea and both agree Caleb needs to go next week.

The Veto meeting is not shown on the Live Feeds so we won't see the speech until the Wednesday night episode. However, the feeds will return as soon as the meeting is over so we'll see the aftermath.

I'll update it live on Twitter and will include it in my Monday recap.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Big Brother House Celebrates the life of Frankie and Derrick's Grandfathers

The Big Brother House had a Celebration of Life for Frankie and Derrick's Grandfathers.

The Houseguests gathered in the living room to celebrate the life of Frankie's Grandfather Frank Grande who passed away on Tuesday at the age of 90.

And celebrate the life of Derrick's Grandfather "Pepe" Norman Levasseur who passed away on Friday at the age of 86.

JoCasta started the service, asking the Houseguests to agree in helping Frankie and Derrick through their grief.

Frankie gave a prayer to his family's patriarch, St Jude.

JoCasta then read First Deslonia 5:13 and tells Frankie and Derrick that their Grandfather's lives to come will be better than the life they lived on Earth.

Derrick takes comfort knowing that his Grandfather passed  away in his sleep, while sleeping next to his wife that he was married to for over 50 years. He shares how his Grandfather was always there for his children and grandchildren. He would attend every sporting event, but would always leave right at the end because he didn't want the recognition for attending.

Frankie shared a story his grandfather Frank, shared with him.

When Frank was a clerk for the telecommunications company that he still worked for until his death, he created a recess light fixture.

During a dome installation, the dome wouldn't fit into the ceiling. If it was hung too low, the heat would cause a fire. His Grandfather told them to give him a week and he'll fix it. He designed a structure to allow the light to fit into the ceiling, making it recessed which the company later manufactured.

The lesson Frankie learned was to never give up if confronted with obstacles and never take no for an answer.

Frankie shared with Derrick that as unfortunate as it is, he is honored to share this amazing experience with Derrick.

JoCasta  reads  Revelations 21.4 and then asks the Houseguests to say a word of encouragement, if they chose.

Zach tells Frankie and Derrick that coming into the house he didn't plan on making any friends.  But he values humor and Frankie is one of the funniest people he's ever met and loves him for his entertainment.

He tells Derrick he is like his older brother and admires how much Derrick loves his family and looks up to him.

Amber talks about how amazing Frankie and Derrick are and how she enjoys her alone time with each of them and their talks about family. She is there for them anytime of the day or a shoulder to cry on or encouraging words. She will be pray for them every day she's in the house.

Victoria was excited Frankie was in the house since the first day and he's like family to her. She loves him and says he is an amazing person.

She tells Derrick he is like her brother and she loves him.

Hayden says he doesn't know either of their Grandfathers, but if they are anything like Frankie and Derrick are they are definitely great people. He is sorry for their losses and glad they have each other. Everyone is there for them and they are not alone in the process.

Christine says she's only know them for 40 days but they care for her more than any person outside of this world. She gets excited thinking about Tenley telling her children about their Grandfather Derrick  and the funny stories each of their Grandchildren will  be able to share.

Cody tells Frankie and Derrick he doesn't have much to say and feels like their connection says it all. He didn't think he would get as close to two people and if he every went through something like this he knows they would have his back as he has theirs.

Caleb says the others took the words out of his mouth. But both Frankie and Derrick are amazing and God has a plan for both of them, just as he did for their Grandfathers.

"At the end of the day", Frankie and Derrick had such an impact on who Caleb is as a human, a guy, a man.

"At the end of the day", they can come to him for anything. "I would wipe your butts if that's what you wanted"  He has two shoulders and offers them to come cry on them.

Nicole tells them she loves them a lot and they have made this Big Brother experience better than any superfan could imagine. She's sorry they have to go through this and tells them she is here for them anytime.

She then says she is nervous and sits down.

Donny tells Derrick and Frankie he loves them like brothers and they and their families are in his prayers and God bless them.

JoCasta ends the service with the Lord's prayer.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback 7/27 9:29pm

Big Brother Recap: Butt First

Big Brother Butt First

Big Brother Recap
Sunday, July 27, 2014
Day 32

Caleb is still heated that Amber is not groveling at his feet and remains on board for Amber being the replacement nominee tomorrow in order to "scare her".

Christine plans to say that Amber outed the Bomb Squad to Nicole in the hopes of getting Caleb to agree she needs to be voted out.

Frankie is going to tell Amber after the Veto Ceremony, that Caleb asked Hayden to use the POV and then asked Frankie to put her up on the block. 

Zach has been practicing his speech for the POV Ceremony where he plans to put Amber on blast. He's going to ask everyone to stay seated because he has something to say, at which point he will talk about how Amber has been using Caleb. Of course, Caleb is feeding Zach lines to say. For example, Caleb wants Zach to say her game is in Caleb's hands. (insert eye roll)

Zach is making this week's Team America task easy. Even if Amber doesn't engage or argue with Zach, as long as his rant is at least 20 seconds, they will complete the mission and win $5,000 each. And I don't want to hear any squalling about this task. I didn't hear any when the task was announced. Instead I saw feedsters salivating at the potential of getting a little drama. And I didn't hear any squalling when Christine was the target during the nomination ceremony. So zip it hypocrites.

Frankie confirmed to Caleb that Amber does not have feelings for him. She only agreed to their date, in order to avoid hurting his feelings. Caleb can't accept it. Doesn't matter who tells him or how many tell him.

JoCasta campaigned to Hayden, and asked he use the POV on her. Hayden said he doesn't know what he's going to do yet, but even if she stays on the block, she won't go home.

Derrick approached Donny about the two of them working together. Donny is "down with it" and believes no one would suspect them.

Later Donny and Frankie had a chat and agree they will not nominate each other or Derrick unless they have no other options. Frankie also filled Donny in on the plan to backdoor Amber.

Cody, Zach and Frankie believe  JoCasta and Caleb should be on the block next week.

I expect a few fireworks after tomorrow's Veto Ceremony. And Amber already warned if she goes up, she will out the alliance. It could be a fun day tomorrow. Rest up.

Big Brother Recap: Well chap my ass...

Right back at 'ya

Big Brother Recap
Saturday July 26, 2014
Day 31

Cody expresses his concerns and his conflict with Amber or Caleb being the replacement nominee to Derrick.

He tells Derrick that Amber will roll with him, so why would they send her home. It benefits Frankie because Caleb is his puppet and a Jury vote. But Amber is a Jury vote for Cody.

He continues if Amber blows up the alliance, he knows that Caleb will stick with them. However, since Amber won't be in the Jury, Caleb has no incentive to go to Jury himself and will fight like a mad man to stay in the house.

He believes if Frankie were to put Caleb on the block, Caleb will blow up and they won't be able to bring Amber back into the fold. Instead she'll go to the other side, creating a majority alliance.  (This contradicts him saying Amber would roll with him)

Derrick can see Cody's points and agrees it's not good for their game if Amber goes home.

Frankie, Victoria, JoCasta, Christine, Hayden and Donny played in the POV today. It involved building a horseshoe while riding a horse and/or bull which gave Frankie a chapped ass, literally.

Frankie's ass is chapped - literally

"Beast Mode Cowboy" probably had a chapped ass too because he didn't get to play in the competition that in his mind, was no doubt, created just for him.  

Hayden won the POV and has already told Victoria he's using the veto on her. Victoria's tears have now disappeared and she's back to bitching about Amber, to any one that will listen.

Once again, JoCasta was sick and laid up in bed after the competition. I'm beginning to wonder if this is a new, never before seen strategy.

Let me guess? Caleb was a stand in for Ozzy Osbourne once

The Have-Nots got Deep Fish Pizza and Derrick was beside himself with excitement and appreciation to America for the vote. He later told Frankie he thought as a Team America member that's a Have-Not this week, that America wanted him to have something good. Sorry Derrick, we voted on that two weeks ago.

Caleb decided it would be impressive to bite the head off one of the fish, squirting blood all over his face. He just knows it will be on TV and the Diary Room would be calling him in any minute. At the time I am writing this,  7 hours later, he still hadn't been called in.

Caleb approached Frankie with a "great game move". He wants Frankie to put Amber up as the replacement nominee in order to "scare the daylights out of her"  and remind her of her place in the house.  Frankie, of course, thought it was a brilliant idea.

Caleb stressed that Amber isn't going home. This is just to scare and test her. He knows when she goes up, she will immediately run to him. He'll tell her "oh now you wanna talk to me" and that Beast Mode Cowboy is the only one that can save her.

"It's a good opportunity to scare Amber back in her place because she's forgetting it"

"I just know that when her butts in that hot seat who she's gonna come to"
Little does Caleb know, this plan was already set in motion. He just made it a lot easier. He'll be blindsided if/when Amber is evicted on Thursday. Paging Dr. Zachary... 

Flashback to Caleb's conversation with Frankie on 7/26 at 10:33pm

Most are convinced that Amber is going to blow up like a lunatic once she is nominated. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I don't think Amber is capable of having a hateful thought or saying a mean word. This once though, I hope I'm wrong and Amber does blow up.

Derrick tells Cody about Caleb wanting to put Amber up so she'll run back to him and start talking to him again. Cody thinks it's an asshole move and what an idiot Caleb looks like.

Cody again mentioned that voting Amber out is not good for them because she's not coming after them. Derrick agreed but said they couldn't stick their neck out for Amber.

Cody is mad that Frankie didn't have the balls to put Caleb up this week (Pot meet Kettle). He wants to target Caleb next and then he's going after Frankie.

Derrick also shared that Hayden wants to form an alliance with the two of them, Christine and Nicole. Cody and Derrick had a good laugh that they are in every alliance.

The house is going to have a memorial service for Frankie and Derrick's Grandfathers tomorrow afternoon. 

You can expect the "intervention" with Caleb to begin after the memorial. Now that Caleb had his bright idea to nominate Amber, the intervention has been canceled. And we get screwed out of the moment Caleb is told the truth of how Amber feels. Damn it! We've earned that. Maybe Julie Chen will come through for us.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Big Brother Spoiler: Who won the POV

Big Brother Veto Winner Hayden

Big Brother Spoiler
Who won the POV
Week 5

Hayden won the POV. He plans to use it on Victoria because JoCasta has already had the POV used on her.

Frankie wants to name Amber as the replacement nominee. However, he'll only do so if everyone is on board, including Caleb.

Frankie plans to meet with each Houseguest on Sunday to see who they want as the replacement nominee. He then plans to tell Caleb, Amber does not have any feelings for him and talks shit about him. He believes once Caleb knows the truth, he will agree to Amber going up.

Big Brother Poll: Who do you want to win POV?

Big Brother Poll
Who do you want to win POV?
Week 5

Christine 2%
Donny 48%
Frankie 22%
Hayden 6%
Jocasta 6%
Victoria 9%

Thanks for voting!

Hayden won the POV.

Big Brother Team Donny Tee Shirts

I stumbled across this Team Donny tee shirt.

It doesn't look like they got enough orders to print the shirts. However, if they get 14 more orders, they will go into production.

Here's the link to reserve yours