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Big Brother Season 1: Where are they now?


Where are the houseguests now, from Big Brother Season 1?
But first, let’s revisit the season.

The season premiered with 10 Houseguests on July 5, 2000 and aired for 88 days
Season 1 was different than the format found in Season 2 – Season 14. It was a 30 minute show that aired 6 nights a week with a 1 hour live eviction show.

The nomination and voting format was similar to the Big Brother UK format. Each houseguest cast two nominations. The houseguests with the most nominations faced the public vote and eviction by America. There was a minimum of two nominees per week and the maximum ever nominated was during week 8, with 6 Houseguests on the America “chopping block”.

Houseguests would compete for a weekly luxury shopping budget and would decide what food items they would purchase within their budget. If they ran out of food, Big Brother provided them with Chickpeas and Rice (better than slop perhaps). They didn’t have a wash machine and rather had to wash all of their clothes by hand.
An “11th” houseguest was titled an Intruder. If any of the 10 houseguests decided to leave the game, the Intruder (Beth) would enter the house in their place. Beth never entered the house. (Sorry Beth, you were “Jodied”)

Live Feeds were available for Season 1 and were free.
Season 1 was the year of the banner plane (but not the last season) and caused a lot of stir, questions and controversy within the house.

After one of the Big Brother assigned tasks of a Houseguest Roast, many were upset and voiced concerns over how they were being portrayed by Big Brother to the television audience. It was during one of these conversations, Chicken George suggested staging a walk-out during the live show. But the houseguests decided the half-million dollar carrot dangling in front of them was more appealing than a walk-out.
So where are the Season 1 Houseguests now?

Eddie McGee (Winner) $500,000
Eddie was the first (and only to date) amputee to appear on Big Brother, losing his leg to cancer.

Eddie won Big Brother with a 59% vote from America.
Since winning the first Big Brother season, Eddie went on to appear, star and direct television shows and movies. He is currently co-starring in the upcoming movie, “The Human Race” scheduled for release in August, 2013.

Eddie is the Founder and CEO of Tripod Productions, inc.

Josh Souza (Runner Up)
Josh co-produced the movie “The Scorned” that featured an all-reality cast. He also produced a reality show about the making of The Scorned that aired on E.

He is currently the CEO, executive producer, series creator for Ocean Models, a reality show about the modeling agency with the same name.

Curtis Kin (Third Runner Up)
Curtis is currently the Chief of the Criminal Appeals Section at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles. In 2009, Curtis prosecuted the largest human sex trafficking case ever successfully tried to verdict in the nation, for which he received the U.S. Department of Justice, Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service.

George Boswell (better known as Chicken George)
Nicknamed Chicken George for his care of the Big Brother backyard chickens (and his constant clucking like one) divides his time between Las Vegas as a promoter and his home town of Rockford, IL.  He has recently started a new career as an auctioneer.

Chicken George returned to the Big Brother house during Season 7 All Stars edition.
He continues his Jedi Training with Howie.

Brittney Petros
Brittney was most known for her pink hair during Big Brother 1.

After Big Brother, she became a casting director in 2001 and expanded into acting, as the character Denise on Days of our Lives from 2003-2004.

She has produced several shows and movies and is currently an assistant location manager for television series including Criminal Minds, Bones, The New Normal, Dexter and The Goodwin Games.

Jamie Kern
Before entering the Big Brother house, Jamie was Miss Washington 1999. In 2004 she graduated with an MBA from Columbia Business School and went on to work as a field reporter for KNDU in Washington State until 2006 when she then moved to Portland, Oregon where she worked for KPTV.

Jamie created It Cosmetics, a prestige color cosmetics line for face and body in 2008 and is currently the CEO. Her cosmetics have a large number of celebrity fans including many cast members of the TV show Dancing With The Stars who use both the face and body products. She also won the Redbook Magazine MVP Most Valuable Product award for 2008 for her Leg Sculpting Kit called Smokin' Hot Legs.

Check back for another “Where are they now, Big Brother Season 2”.

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  2. Thanks for the updates for these housemates. I just re-watched this season and became curious about how/what they are all doing now. One other houseguest I'm curious about is Jordan (aka Jean Jordan). Would appreciate any information anyone has about her.

  3. What about Mega, Cassandra, and Jordan?


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