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Big Brother Season 2: Where are they now?

Where are the houseguests now, from Big Brother Season 2?
But first, let’s revisit the season.

The season premiered with 12 Houseguests on July 5, 2001 and aired for 78 days
Season 2 brought a new producer Arnold Shapiro (we miss you Arnold) along with a new format, which is the same we know today. This was the first season the Head of Household (HOH) was introduced and the HOH nominated the houseguests for eviction. America no longer had a vote. Instead the houseguests voted to evict from the two nominees and all evicted houseguests would vote to decide the winner of the season, from the last two remaining houseguests.

Originally slated to air 5 nights a week, it only aired 3 nights a week on Saturday, Tuesday and the live eviction show and HOH competition on Thursday night.
The house was still a single story but now included an HOH bedroom. Along with the private bedroom, the HOH also had the privilege of laundry service and pictures from home. The backyard offered a basketball court, hot tub and swimming pool.

This was also the only season a cross-over of CBS reality shows has occurred. Survivor contestants appeared in the Big Brother house for a battle of reality shows. The winning group won a $15,000 prize. TRIVIA: Who won? The Survivor team or the Big Brother team?
Season 2 also introduced the Peanut Butter and Jelly food punishment. Houseguests would compete each week for food. The losing houseguest and/or team would have to eat PB&J for the week. Bunky Miller secretly accepted $5,000 to put the Houseguests on PB&J for a week.

This was the only season a “Monday Meeting” was held. The houseguests would bitch discuss chores that needed to be done in the house. The two nominees also had a chance to plead their case on why they should stay during this meeting.
Live Feeds were available for Season 2, but viewers had to purchase the ability to watch the Big Brother Live Feeds.

This was the first season that a houseguest was expelled from the game. After previously being warned about his destructive behavior, Big Brother expelled Justin Sebik from the game after he asked fellow (drunk) Houseguest Krista Stegall “would you get mad if I killed you” and then placed a knife to her throat, while they were kissing. Although she said she did not remember the incident, she later sued CBS.
The tragedy of 9/11 occurred while the season was still airing. The houseguests were of course isolated from any contact, news or events of the outside world. Monica Bailey, one of the remaining houseguests had a cousin that was in the World Trade Center when it collapsed. CBS ultimately decided to suspend all competitions for the week and inform the houseguests of the terrorist act and tell Monica her cousin was missing. It was later confirmed on finale night, her cousin did sadly pass away.

So where are the Season 2 Houseguests now?

Will Kirby (Winner) $500,000

Will Kirby (Dr. Will) was a physician in Miami, Florida upon entering the house. He is best known for using the strategy of intentionally losing competitions and being the most hated houseguest within the house. He is still considered today, one of the best known, strategic houseguests to play Big Brother.
He later returned to compete in Big Brother 7 All-Stars edition.

While in the house he had a show-mance with fellow houseguest Shannon Dragoo. After the show, the show-ro-mance continued and they moved in together, but broke up months later.
He also formed a bro-mance with fellow houseguest Mike Malin (Boogie) and together they became known as “Chilltown”. They continue to be friends and business partners today.

Today, Dr. Will is a practicing physician in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles and is known as the leading authority on tattoo removal with Dr. TATToff clinics nationwide.
Dr. Will has appeared on numerous television programs and shows, including the E! reality show, Dr. 90210 and most recently Real Housewives of Orange County when he removed Tamara Barneys tattoo.

He has been engaged to Erin Brodie (from the reality show For Love or Money) for a few years and they have two children together. Their son Cash was born in 2010 and their daughter Scarlett was born in 2012.
Follow Dr. Will on Twitter: @ReallyWILLKIRBY

Nicole Schaffrich (Runner Up) $50,000
Nicole became close friends with Hardy Hill, as well as “Chilltown” which lead to her escape from eviction. She won the final HOH competition and chose to take Dr. Will to the finals with her.

She has said she never watched her Big Brother season.
When she entered the house, she was a Chef from Atlanta, Georgia. After Big Brother she became a disc jockey for an Atlanta station.

She returned during Big Brother Season 7 All-Stars for a food competition and Power of Veto (POV) competition.
I believe I recently read on Twitter that Nicole is engaged.

Follow Nicole on Twitter: @bb2nicole

Monica Bailey (Third Runner Up)
Monica was a candy store manager in Brooklyn, New York upon entering the house.

She was a potential houseguest for Big Brother Season 7 All-Stars edition but was not selected to enter the house by the producers or Americas vote.
In 2008 Monica appeared in the film Manhattanites as the character Rose. And in 2010, Monica made a cameo in the porn movie, Kings of New York, starring Big Brother Houseguest (BB10) Steven Daigle. And since I’m sure you’re wondering… she was clothed.

She is currently Special Events Supervisor for International Protective Service Agency and Guest Relations at Radio City Music Hall.

Visit Monica's Facebook page:

Hardy Hill
Hardy was a bouncer when he entered the Big Brother house.

Hardy won the most HOH competitions in his season and was tied for the most consecutive HOH wins in Big Brother history along with Drew Daniels (BB5) and Hayden Moss (BB12) until Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry broke the record.
His frequent dust-ups with Chilltown lead to Shannon using his tooth brush to clean the toilet bowl.

He appeared in Big Brother 7 All-Stars for a POV competition.
Since Big Brother, Hardy has moved to Miami Beach. He was selected as one of Extras Most Eligible Bachelors and co-starred in the reality show Miami Social.

Hardy proposed to girlfriend Trixia, who he was dating while in the Big Brother house. They later broke up and he is now married to Pachi Lake.
Hardy is the CEO of Hill Hospitality Group and is currently the manager of the restaurant Catch Miami located within the James Royal Palm hotel.

Follow Hardy on Twitter: @hardyhill

Mike Malin (Boogie)
Mike, a bar owner when entering the house, became co-creator of the famous Big Brother alliance “Chilltown”.

He had a show-mance with Krista and proposed to her on the finale. The engagement lasted only a few months.
He later returned to compete and won Big Brother Season 7 All-Stars. He also returned as a Coach and then houseguest in Big Brother Season 14. He has the second highest number of days within the Big Brother house at 153 days.

He has dated several previous Big Brother houseguests including Krista Stegall (BB2), Chiara Jude (BB3) and Erika Landin (BB4/7) (who also dated Big Brother 1 Josh Souza).
He is a partner in The Dolce Group along with fellow Big Brother houseguest Dr. Will Kirby and others.

The Dolce Group brands include restaurants Ketchup, Geisha House, Rare 120, the bars Johnny Smalls and The Phoenix and the nightclub Les Deux. Many of these restaurants may be found throughout the United States, as well as Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
He also has investment in the Dr. TATToff franchise with Dr. Will.

In 2007 he was arrested and charged with assault from an incident at the 2007 World Series.
In 2011 he filed a lawsuit against a business partner and a law firm accusing them of hacking into his email. This lawsuit was filed after he was accused and sued by said business partner of embezzling money to “have multiple sexual encounters with various older men during which Malin would live out fetish role play fantasies”. Mikes lawsuit indicated the business partner was attempting to extort money from him and said she told him a week prior to filing the lawsuit she would air his dirty laundry if he didn't pay up quickly.

He most recently appeared in television commercials alongside Dr. Will Kirby for the first season of Big Brother Canada.
Mike has a son, Brady.

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Other Big Brother Season 2 Houseguests not featured are:
Autumn Daly, Bunky Miller, Kent Blackwelder, Krista Stegall, Shannon Dragoo, Sheryl Braxton



  1. Love it I wondered about Hardy. Love these Big Brother where are they now articles.

    1. A lot of successful HG from Season 1 and 2 now. Also always, thanks for your support Adeer1. Watch for Season 3 in the next few days.

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    1. I would love to provide you an update on every houseguest, but working on the seasons from 12 years ago, not all the Houseguests are still visible and accessible. But I hope you enjoy the update on the houseguests I do provide. As I get into more recent seasons, I'm sure you'll see more houseguests featured.

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  4. Thanks for asking! I'm working on doing more. It takes a lot of research time and I'm finding it hard to find the time while keeping up with the current Big Brother happenings. But I am half way through Big Brother Season 3 Where are they Now.

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  7. One of the women was arrested. I can't remember which one.

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    1. What for? I am in shock how her life turned out after BB. She seemed so compassionate and grounded but after hearing Boogie explain why the engagement ended, I was gobsmacked.It's like she became a totally different person.


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