Monday, July 8, 2013

Big Brother Update: Beers, Band-Aids and Boobs

Lock some people in a house for two weeks; Give them a few beers; and this is what you get:

Amanda creatively covered her nipples using band-aids. She reasoned if your nipples are covered, you can show your boobs. Sounds reasonable to me.

When she pranced out into the backyard, where the rest of the houseguests were, and displayed her band-aid boobs, this is the reaction they had

Andy was channeling "hear no evil" while Helen was channeling "speak no evil". Howard's jaw dropped, while Nick was looking for an exit.

Big Brother even got in on the fun. Big Brother " Amanda, please attach your microphone to your shirt". Amanda "I don't have a shirt on". Big Brother "Ziiiiing".
Hear the zing in Live Feed Flashback. 11:31 pm BBT F 3/4.

Do the band-aid boobs, now top the peanut butter bikinis of Season 3?



  1. Amanda makes me sick. I hate bullies & whores. She needs to go.


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